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What if an Online Casino refuses to Payout Your Winnings?

In 2023, the chances of being scammed at a registered online casino are almost zero.
Von Redaktion am 27.04.2023

Licensed and registered websites have been in the market for a long time with loyal clientele. These businesses will never stop your payouts without a valid reason. If a company is committed to paying out your winnings and does not do so for a few weeks, you are entitled to a refund.

You might have to ask for legal advice from an experienced person who deals in cyber laws. Usually, the chances of having such troubles are rare these days. Online casinos pay attention to user experience and satisfaction.

There are Laws for Consumer Protection

Laws for such delays vary in different states or countries. Some laws may require the company to pay an extra 10 percent of what you win as compensation for the stress. Before you send your complaint to the casino, make sure you gather evidence.

These details are provided for a general understanding of the situation in good faith. Suggestions offered here must not be considered legal advice. Save screenshots of emails and prove that you have waited for a long time without being paid out of your winnings. When dealing with cyber criminals, it is important to document the transaction on video.

Delayed Payouts at Rogue Casinos

When a casino refuses to release the player’s payouts, the company is usually trying to cheat the customers. In some situations, casinos have the right to cancel a player’s withdrawal request, but they also need to explain the valid reason that led to the cancelation of your request. On the other hand, licensed casinos offer many perks, including:

  • Regulated casinos have obtained permission

  • Joining a licensed casino reduces the risk of running into issues

  • They follow the rules and regulations set by the authorities

  • Players' funds are protected at licensed casinos

  • You don’t have to worry about legal matters

The term "rogue" refers to a casino that operates in a way that could be harmful to players. An online casino lacks proper measures of security and can harm the players. Rogue casinos do not use high-grade verification methods to avoid hackers and malware infections.

Usually, they attract newbies by offering fake bonus codes and promotions. After some time, they refuse to release the payments. Players are advised to opt for original and legit offers only. Visit to check the details about legit offers by top casinos. Rogue casinos are usually less transparent. They constantly ask for personal information from their customers but refuse to pay out winnings in case of losing a deposit or withdrawal request.

What if a Licensed Casino refused to pay?

There are certain conditions and requirements that players must fulfill before they claim winnings. These payment issues are generally faced by newbies. Once you have received the first payout from a licensed casino, you will not face a similar issue in the future. If this is happening for the first time, here are a few quick solutions to handle the situation like a professional.

Contact Customer Support

Withdrawal requests are sometimes rejected automatically by the system. Casinos have responsive support agents to assist players in these situations. Players can describe their problems, and they will help to resolve the matter. If they are not willing to help the players, they have the option to talk to their compliance department. Making such a request will help in reducing the risk of missing out on any upcoming withdrawals.

Check the Terms and Conditions

No one actually reads the full terms and conditions page. Sometimes businesses have a specific clause to explain these situations. If they do not want to offer you an immediate payout, they might cite this clause and ask you to wait for some time. It is better to read the terms and conditions first to avoid further stress.

You can also contact the casino management and inform them about the issue. They are usually aware of cases in which deposits are not released. If everything is fair and on track from your side, your problem is more likely to be resolved within no time. They might need to check and investigate it for future reference to avoid similar cases from occurring. Common T&Cs related to the payouts include:

  • Wagering Requirements

  • Withdrawal Limits

  • Payment Methods

  • Verification Documents

  • Account Closure

  • Bonus Terms

  • Pending Period

  • Inactive Account

Seek Legal Advice

Even licensed casinos can sometimes create trouble for the players. Systematic or technical errors can cause unwanted delays. If customer support does not offer the solution, and management shows no interest in resolving the matter, the final option is to seek legal help from your lawyer. You should consider hiring a decent law firm dealing in cyber laws and personal injuries. Users might get extra as compensation for mental stress caused by the negligence of the casino.

Different authorities regulate these licensed casinos, and if they cheat players, they have to face legal penalties. Companies will try to avoid legal issues at any cost, and a single legal notice might get your money back.

Your Funds are protected at Licensed Casinos

The resolution of the issue might take some time, but eventually, you will get your money back. That's the main reason why players are always advised to join regulated casinos only. These companies have been in the market for a long time and have obtained permission from their countries. These casinos are reliable and secure. 

Gambling commissions also offer assistance in these matters. If found guilty, casinos can get their license canceled for unfair practices like these. When you play in one of the legit online casinos, you can rest assured that your funds are safe at the company's end.


All these tips will help you to resolve payout issues in an efficient way. Always opt for legit and original offers only, as they are less likely to get into trouble with legal issues at any cost. Steer clear of rogue casinos as they are unregistered operators, and you will not get any help from gambling commissions for such casinos.


Join a licensed casino only if you want to feel safe while placing your bets. These companies follow the rules and regulations set by the authorities for the protection of their interests and to offer a safe environment to the players. They will not mislead or scam newbies but treat them fairly instead of disregarding them due to fraud cases.

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