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A Complete Guide for Trustpilot and Its Review Legitimacy

Whether you are a consumer who wants to read some legit reviews before investing in a company for the first time or someone who wants to invest in themselves and open a business and hoping to make a more significant online presence. People, in either case, check out Trustpilot for their help in research.
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Trustpilot is the well-known platform people visit when they want some legit reviews before deciding what they want to do with their hard-earned money. Here is a complete guide of Trustpilot and how it works, and how you can use it for your investment.

Three Things to Know about Trustpilot
Whether you are looking at a good seller or a service, reading reviews first is the best way to get the most for your money. One review site that may help you check out all your concerns is

But before you start with your research on the website or posting reviews yourself, you should know at least all the three things below about the website.

1. What is Trustpilot?
2. How does Trustpilot work?
3. Is Trustpilot legit?

Below you would find all the detailed information about the platform and even some tips to keep in mind while reading reviews.

What Is Trustpilot?
Trustpilot is a Danish consumer review page and was founded in Denmark in 2007. It can host reviews of business worldwide, and nearly almost 1 million new reviews get posted each month.
The site offers your freemium services to businesses. It relies on users, software, and the compliance team to repost and remove reviews that violate any norm and rules as per the Trustpilot's content guidelines. Trustpilot has several offices all over the world and has an employee number of more than 700.

In 2020, Trustpilot had annual recurring revenue of approximately US $ 199 million. The platform had hosted more than 120 million reviews on more than 529000 domains by the end of the year.

How Does Trustpilot Work?
Trustpilot collects ratings and also reviews from customers worldwide. Consumers would have to create free accounts to share their experiences with other businesses, and companies can also make their free accounts to respond to the reviews. But remember, you do not need a separate account to see the business ratings and read reviews.

While anyone can leave reviews on the page, there are guidelines for eligible to rate and review a company or a business. You have to check a box when leaving a review that confirms you are writing about your own experience only, and you also have to enter your email address to verify the review that you drafted.

From the website's home, you can start to research for a company or a category you wish to explore. For example, if you type "dresslily" and click on to get an idea of how Trustpilot works. A page of rating and review about your search would come up with the time the review got posted. If you scroll down, you would see an option of writing a review. From that option, you can start typing your choice and give your review a title and confirm that the review is only about your own experience. After that, you would get an option to sign in with Google, Facebook, or your email address to continue your review publication.

If you want to read about the company's existing reviews, just under the option of writing reviews, you will find a breakdown of existing reviews. This particular feature helps you filter the reviews into bad, excellent, and average ratings, and then you can read whatever you want by the rating.

Lower down the page, and you would be able to see the reviews sorted by the dates and time they were published. You can then scroll down to read the reviews and the comments of the company towards them. You can also see the reviews which got removed for breaching the guidelines.

Is Trustpilot Legit?

The short answer to the question is yes. You can trust reviews on Trustpilot as they have over 111 million reviews over a decade of existence; it is a pretty legitimate platform. But suppose you like to find more valuable positive Trustpilot reviews, you can always access the social media marketplace for individual and business use platforms to get 1000 % legit Trustpilot reviews to enhance your company's online presence.

It is also essential to keep in mind that most users only take the time to write a review if they had an overwhelmingly positive or negative experience with a particular company. For example, if you look up a well-known big-box retailer, you will find most of the reviews will probably be negative. And sometimes, these big companies also do not claim the writer's profile and do not even respond to the customer feedback. Even though businesses have many trusts, some negative reviews do not reflect on their brand name. On the other hand, several smaller online companies maintain an active presence on the platform to have more user reviews on their profile.

Ending Note
A low score on Trustpilot does not mean that the company is terrible at what they do, but it may give a better idea of what to expect from them while ordering their goods and services. If you own a company or a business, claiming your Trustpilot profile and responding to reviews and inviting customers to rate your page can be a great way to build a trustworthy and crucial online presence in today's world.
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