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Finance Advice For Free

Financial advisors usually either earn commissions or a fee. The question you must ask yourself is their advice impartial or is it biased.
Von Viktor Pulz am 06.03.2020
Being from a sales background myself unfortunately in my personal experience sales are cash driven. So although the financial advisor will say that they offer impartial advice, ask yourself if you were promoting two products with one paying an higher fee or commission would you always offer best advice or would you chase the money? The more you need the money the more you will be driven to promote the higher paying product it is only human nature.

What's the answer for obtaining good financial advice?
Firstly take control of your own financial well being. Who will look after your own finances the best a financial advisor with self interest or yourself? Logic will tell you that you have your own best interest at heart.

I know nothing at all about financial matters i can hear you saying.
Stop right there and think how pathetic that sounds.Get a grip think of all the other decisions you have made in your life from surviving school to finding a mate to finding a career to passing a driving test etc.Why can you not make financial decisions for yourself? The reason is that financial institutions profit from your procrastination and use your money for all of the mad schemes they conjure up to make them and their dealers rich.They deliberately set out to create a magical aura around offering financial advice.Fact research as shown that randomly picking stocks without any advice often out performs the so called experts and simple index trackers with lower costs and charges also outperform these so called experts.

How to get good free financial advice
The amount of free information on financial matters on the internet is massive and because there is so much on the net you can analyse this information yourself and make rational informed decisions without any self interest from a banker or financial representative.

If you study any subject long enough you become the expert and remember you have your own best interests at heart.If still in any doubts, would you trust financial advice from banksters who created this so called "credit Crunch".I for one will not fall for their scams anymore i got bit with endowments and mutual funds,i got bit with pensions but now i know that i do not need these people to mess with my finances and to earn big juicy bonuses from me.Please do not fall for their hype anymore study up and take a grip of your own finances. You can actually get any advice in any field of a business, even if you need backlink service help.
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